FS shock absorber laboratory was stablished in 2002. Major activities of this center is in dynamic and static tests using experienced experts, in the field of shock absorber manufacturing standards. Furthermore, this center is able to test mechanical and industrial parts because of advance servo hydraulic machinery, noise test isolated room, temperature test isolated room, …

This center hopes to share laboratory capabilities in various fields including laboratory equipment, human expertise, technical knowledge with all university researchers and Industrialists both inside and outside the country.     

-    Reducing non-conformities in laboratory results
-    Costs optimization
-    Increasing customer satisfaction by representing high quality services
-    Protecting classified information
-    Informing the customer of each probable deviation in the test
-    Updating and organizing advanced laboratory equipment
-    Facilitating the customer service
-    Supplying and training expert human resources
-    Communication with other authorized laboratory centers


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Address :   4th St- 1st  Sanat Blvd- Industrial Zone- Rasht- Guilan Province - Iran
Postal Code :   43371 87573
Phone Number :  

+98 13 33882438-42

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