“Faravari & Sakht Iran vehicle parts industries” was stablished in 1977 with the name of Tooli Parts, located in Industrial Zone of Rasht, in an area about 87000 . At first, Tooli Parts produced different kinds of Heavy duty, semi-heavy duty vehicles and motorcycle shock absorbers with the cooperation of Escort Co. (India). At the end of 1993, the company was privatized and restarted its activities by the name of “Faravari & Sakht Iran vehicle parts industries” from 1994. In 1995 a wide range of light and heavy duty shock absorbers produced by FS. In 1999, this company purchased the facilities of Samsung Shock Absorber Company, including automatic and semi-automatic machineries. In 2008, the company was licensed to Mando corporation (Korean company), which put positive effects on the improvement of technologies, productions quality and totally Customer Satisfaction. This company has the best laboratory equipment in the Middle East for the test and validation of various types of shock absorbers, also it is able to tune the shock absorber valves, which made it one of the most pioneer of shock absorber designers.

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Address :   4th St- 1st  Sanat Blvd- Industrial Zone- Rasht- Guilan Province - Iran
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+98 13 33882438-42

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